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program outcomes (PO)

1.    Apply knowledge of Science,Mathematics and Engineering to solve the complex engineering problems in analog/digital electronic Systems.

2.   Identify and formulate a problem from the physical layer issues of Communication systems.

3. Model and simulate communication systems to conduct experiments and analyze the performance using modern tools.

4. Design program algorithm to meet desired needs within realistic constraints of economic, environmental, social, health and safety areas.

5. Test, measure and provide valid conclusions on the performance of signal processing algorithm or component of wireless communication systems using the tools/equipment.

6.   To build team spirit for successful design solutions in wireless communication systems.

7.   Understand the impact of industrial engineering solutions in social environmental.

8. Apply professional ethics aligning with the norms and responsibilities of the engineering practices.

9.  Recognize the need of technological change and prepare for independent learning.

10.Understand and express knowledge about engineering principles. So as to incorporate skills in multidisciplinary projects.

program Specific outcomes (PsO)

1.      Analyze and design electronic circuits and machines for a given specification and function.

2.  Simulate and implement functional blocks of hardware and software designs for applications using signal processing, Communication, Computer network and Control systems.

3. Analyzing social awareness and professional ethics to have successful career and to sustain passion and zeal for real world applications as an entrepreneur.