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E&TC Engineering Student Association ECESA


ECESA”, a forum formed by Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering students to work for development of students through technical and non- technical events and thereby providing them an opportunity to portray their talent in various ways.

Objectives of ECESA:

      To bring about technological awareness and eagerness to learn and implement the upcoming technological improvements going on around the globe, by organizing seminars, workshops, model making competitions, project exhibitions,  and many such technological activities.

      To improve non-technical abilities of students by engendering good communication skills, managerial abilities, presentation skills and team work.

      To act as a forum for students to voice their opinions and suggestions as a result helping them contribute towards personal, social and technological development.

Head of Department: Professor S.S. Hajare    

ECESA Staff Co-ordinator: Professor S.S. Salvekar

ECESA Committee Members A.Y. 2017-18
1 Manasi Bhogaonkar President
2 N. Manikandan Vice President
3 Dhanush Bhandari Pro
4 Asha Waghmare Pro
5 Chinmay Gaikwad Pro
6 Neha Wagh Technical Coordinator
7 Manish Rao                        Assistant Technical Coordinator
8 Shraddha Bhoite Assistant Technical Coordinator
9 Ajay Jadhav                         Non-Technical Coordinator
10 Rohan Desai Non-Technical Coordinator
11 Pranjal Shah Assistant Non-Technical Coordinator
12 Rohit Beri         Treasurer
13 Akshay Gaikwad Treasurer
14 Vaijyanath Magar              Assistant treasurer
15 Dipali Khilari Assistant treasurer
16 Chandrashekhar mundhe       Event Manager
17 Abhishekh Khatri         Event Manager
18 Akash Chaudhari Event Manager
19 Deepak Nath Assistant event Manager
ECESA Committee Members A.Y. 2016-17
1.         Paresh Aher Precident
2.         Vijay Sancheti Vice Precident
3.         Shivani Jadhav Secretary
4.         Harshada Wabale Secretary
5.         Sushant Tikone Pro
6.         Nagesh Gavhane Pro
7.         Siddhart Ningurkar Technical Director
8.         Gourav Honrao Technical Director
9.         Prerna Kachare Non Technical Director
10.     Priyanka Nayakwadi Non Technical Director
11.     Piyush Gat Treasurer
12.     Yogesh Raut Treasurer
13.     Shelar Abhishekh Event Manager
14.     Neha Kale Event Manager
ECESA Committee Members A.Y. 2015-16
1.         Jayant Bhosale President
2.         Monika Phatale Vice President
3.         Amar Dubal Vice President
4.         Pratiksha Patil Treasurer
5.         Rohit Beri Assistant Treasurer
6.         Piyush Gat Assistant Treasurer
7.         Paresh Aher Assistant Treasurer
8.         Omkar Mordekar Technical Coordinator
9.         Prakalp Nawle Technical Coordinator
10.     Siddharth Ningurkar Assistant Technical Coordinator
11.     Vijay Sancheti Assistant Technical Coordinator
12.     Neha Kale Assistant Technical Coordinator
13.     Priyanka Bhosale Non Technical Coordinator
14.     Shivani Jadhav Assistant Non Technical Coordinator
15.     Ravina Pathan Assistant Non Technical Coordinator
16.     Harshada Wable Public Relations Officer
17.     Tushar Shilimkar Assistant Public Relations Officer
18.     Prerna Kachare Assistant Public Relations Officer
19.     Ankita More Event Manager
20.     Neha Thombre Event Manager
21.     Abhishekh Shelar Assistant Event Manager
22.     Abhishekh Khatri Assistant Event Manager