Prof. Ganesh E. Kondhalkar
Student Development Officer

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Colleges are community agencies whose prime concern is teaching and learning. As learning communities, Colleges must be concerned for the well-being of young people for whom they are responsible. Student welfare is therefore a basic aspect of the work of all involved in education.

To guide individual development in the social context within and beyond the College is a major aim of education. It is therefore important for Colleges to establish policies and practices which provide for the pastoral care and welfare of all student. This need i particularly important today because of the social problems which have emerged in a society of rapid change.

As a Institute we provide a range of student welfare services including developmental, preventative and remedial measures which encompass all the curricula, activities and support personnel directed at meeting the social and personal need of students Special initiative, such as those related to College no attendance and preventative drug education, are introduced when needed
All member of staff have a continuing role in student welfare. The leadership of the principal is critical. Parents and the community must also be involved for Collegeing provides only part of a student's education. The contribution of Colleges is made in partnership with the homes and communities in which students live.

This document aims to draw together policies and principles, many of which are already being implemented effectively in Colleges throughout the State. The policy and its support documents have been written to assist College communities in meeting the welfare needs of their students whatever their individual or group backgrounds.