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Guest Lecture
Sr. No. Academic Year Year Date Name of Guest Lecturer Guest Lecture Subject
1.        2017-18 T.E. & 14.07.2017. Mr. Vikas Raskar &   Mr. Ganesh Lad  1.IT-IMS and Career Growth   2.Careers Opportunity in Cloud Computing         
B. E. 3.Network Security & Job Opportunities around Glob
2.        2017-18 T.E. & 26.07.2017 Mr. Jyotindra (MPTA Education Ltd. Pune) 1. Career Growth in Automation
B. E. 2.PLC and SCADA overview
Guest Lecture on IT-IMS,Career Growth and Careers Opportunity in Cloud Computing 
Guest Lecture on Career Growth in Automation (PLC and SCADA)