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program outcomes (PO)

The students in the Information Technology course will attain:

1.      The ability to apply the engineering knowledge of fundamental of mathematics & science and specialization for the solution to complex engineering problems.

2.    The ability to formulate and analyze complex engineering problems with help of experimentation, analysis and interpretation the data.

3.      The ability to implement and evaluate s/w or h/w systems and processes that meet the specified needs that solve the problems with realistic constraints.

4.     The ability to use research based knowledge and methods including design of experiments, analysis and synthesis of the information to provide valid solution to complex problems.

5.      The ability to create, select, and apply appropriate modern tools and techniques along with  standard processes as a practice by IT professional.

6.      The ability to apply the mathematical foundations, algorithmic principles and computer science theories along with necessary assumptions and constraints.

7.     The ability to examine the neighborhood and worldwide effect of processing on individual, associations and society.

8.      The ability to comprehend proficient, moral, legitimate, security and social issues and responsibilities

9.      The ability to work efficiently as an individual or as a group member to achieve a coveted goal(s).

10.  The ability to take part in deep rooted learning and proceeding with professional  to stand by the quick changes in the tools and technologies with the assistance of electives, proficient associations and additional curricular exercises.

11. The ability to convey viably in engineering society by different methods like Presentations, paper publications, and symposiums.

12.  The ability to comprehend designing, administration, money related angles, execution, enhancements and time complexity necessary  for professional practice.

13. The ability to apply outline and advancement standards in the development of programming frameworks of fluctuating time and space complexities.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

1. Possess strong fundamental concepts in mathematics, science, engineering and Technology to address technological challenges.

2. Possess knowledge and skills in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology for analyzing, designing and implementing complex engineering problems of any domain with innovative approaches.

3. Possess an attitude and aptitude for research, entrepreneurship and higher studies in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology.

4. Have commitment to ethical practices, societal contributions through communities and life-long learning.

5. Possess better communication, presentation, time management and teamwork skills leading to responsible & competent professionals and will be able to address challenges in the field of IT at global level.

Programme Specific Outcomes(PSO)

1. PSO 1 Logic Building: The IT Graduate students will be able to solve problems by designing algorithms and implementing them in an efficient manner.

2. PSO 2 Domain Knowledge: The IT graduate Students will be able to solve problems of real time scenario based on their knowledge of Digital Communication, Operating system, Database System, Web Engineering, Data Sciences, Cloud Computing, Mobile Communication, Internet Of Things and Networking.

 3. PSO 3 Team Building: The IT Graduates will be able to carry their experiences towards team management and Leadership.

 4. PSO 4 Career: The IT Graduate will have the ability to become an entrepreneur, IT Professional or a researcher and contribute to the society.