Technical Consultancy – Step Towards Healthy Institute Industry Interaction…….


ANANTRAO PAWAR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING & RESEARCH, Parvati, Pune, is one of the flagship college of ABMSP Group in Pune. The College was started in Pune due its rich cultural and industry base of Central Maharashtra Region with good connectivity to Mumbai, financial capital of India.

To encourage Institute Industry Interaction (III) we invite individual, organizations for technical projects, research project, technical problem solving in technology and engineering.

Our college is AICTE Delhi approved, Government of Maharashtra recognized and Savitribai Phule Pune Unversity, Pune affiliated.

We are conducting undergraduate programs in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Information Technology and Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering. We are also conducting post graduate programs in Civil Engineering (with specialization in Civil Environmental Engineering), Mechanical Engineering (with specialization in Design Engineering).


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Prof AbhayShelar

Mobile : 9850543335

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Technical Consultancy – step towards healthy Institute Industry Interaction…….

We provide following field of Consultancy

Civil Engineering

Test on Bitumen test:

·         Penetration

·         Ductility

·         Softening Point

·         Flash Point &Fite Point

·         Specific Gravity

·         Bitumen extraction test

·         Marshall Stability

Concrete Technology & Materials Testing Lab

·         Tension and bend-rebend test on mild and TMT steel.

·         Shear test on mild and TMT steel.

·         Torsion test on mild steel and aluminum.

·         Izod and Charpy impact test on mild steel, aluminum, brass and copper

Timber & Ply wood

·         Compression test on timber.

·         Bending test on timber and plywood.

Bricks & Tiles

·         Water absorption, efflorescence test and Compressive strength test on bricks

·         Flexural strength of flooring and roofing tiles.

·         Abrasion test of flooring tiles

Cement & fly ash

·         Fineness of cement and fly ash (by dry method)

·         Standard consistency of cement

·         Initial and Final setting time and Soundness of Cement

·         Compressive strength of Cement

 Fine and Coarse Aggregates

·         Fineness modulus and grading of fine aggregate and coarse aggregate

·         Moisture content, silt content, density and Specific gravity of fine aggregate

·         Moisture content , water absorption, density and Specific gravity of coarse aggregate

·         Flakiness and Elongation of coarse aggregate

·         Impact Value and crushing Value of aggregate.

Fresh & Hardened Concrete

·         Workability of concrete by slump test, compaction factor, Vee -Bee test, flow table.

·         Effect of admixture on workability of concrete

·         Split tensile strength of concrete

·         Flexural strength of concrete

·         NDT test by Rebound hammer

Geotechnical Investigation

·    Bearing Capacity of Soil       ·    Chemical Analysis of Soil      ·    Compaction and Consolidation Test

·    Field Density Test                ·    Triaxial Shear Test                ·    Partical Size Analysis Test


·    Structural Design of Industrial, Institutional, Residential buildings     ·    Structural Design of OHSR & Treatment Plant

·    Structutral Design of Steel Structures         ·    Structural Design of Masonry Strucutres

·    Concrete Mixed Design                 ·    Pavement Design

Environment Engineering

·    Design and Development of Air Pollution Control Devicedds          ·    Analysis of water / waste water

·    Treatability Studies for Industrial Wastes           ·    Design and Commissioning of Effluent Treatment Plants

·    Project Feasibility Reports for ETPs                    ·   Environmental Auditing Impact Assessment

·    Adequacy Reports for ETPs & APCDs                       

Other Services

·  Estimation and Costing of Project    ·  Supervision and Quality Control

 Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering.

Embedded System

·         Development of Educational trainer kits based on microcontroller

·         Industrial products development, Prototype design for concept.

·         Device driver and embedded software development

·         Solutions for existing problems in Industry

·         Home Automation products


Mechanical Department

·         Engine and Performance Testing

·         Testing of Biodiesel and Mixed Fuel Engine performance

·         CAD/CAM/CAE tools in system design and optimization Using CATIA V5 , ANSYS, DEL CAM

·         Testing and Heat transfer enhancement.

·         Wind tunnel experiments and flow measurements

·         Vibration MEsurement (COndition Monitoring of Machine) by FFT Analyzer.