Dr. Kashinath H. Munde

Research Coordinator
Qualification: M. E. (Design Engg),
Ph.D (Engg.)

Institute Experience  :-  14 Years

Mail-ID: kashinath.munde@abmspcoerpune.org

Contact No:- 9890821782

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List for submission of research proposal 2017-19 to Aspire, SPPU, Pune-411007
Sr.No. Proposal No. Name of Principal Investigator Name of Department Title of Proposal
1 18TEC000374 Dr. S.B.Thakare Civil Engineering Experimental Evolution of Combined Potential of the Ricinus Communis and morning Glory in Phytoremediation for Wastewater Treatment
2 18TEC001125 Prof. Y R Deshmukh  Civil Engineering An Artificial Neural Network Based Approach For Structural Health Monitoring And Response of Structure
3 18TEC001007 Prof. S B Shinde Civil Engineering Study & development of strategies for psychoanalysis & restoration of old structure.
4 18TEC001013 Prof. K D Thanekar  Civil Engineering Zero Waste Disposal System For Multi-Storied Buildings.
5 18TEC000588 Prof. K V  Mhetre Civil Engineering Optimization Of Traffic At Traffic Signals And Road Intersections Using Traffic Analysis Software Tools.  
6 18TEC000100 Prof. R B Gaikwad Computer Engineering Implementation of a Wearable Defense System for Women’s Security using Wireless Sensor Network and Analyzing Sensitive Areas.
7 18TEC000207 Prof. N M Munot  Computer Engineering Abstractive Text Summarization.
8 18TEC000356 Prof. J C Musale  Computer Engineering A Voice based Product identification for blind Persons using barcode scanning.
9 18TEC001513 Prof. A T Lohar Computer Engineering Controlling the Wheelchair activities of Physically disabled people by developing Io T based smart Wheelchair.
10 18TEC001355 Prof. S. S. Hajare E&TC Engineering “ Smart Dispenser for Drinking Water”-Initiative towards Reconstructing Rural India.
11 18TEC001075 Prof. S M Veer  E&TC Engineering Automatic lung tumor detection
12 18TEC000808 Prof. V V Bhimate  E&TC Engineering IP Network based home automation system using AVR Microcontroller.
13 18TEC000711 Prof. S S Jagtap E&TC Engineering Real Time EEG cap for epilepsy diagnosis.
14 18TEC000227 Prof. M N Kakade  E&TC Engineering Real Time Speech and Speaker Recognition for Forensic Application.
15 18TEC000594 Prof. V R Ghiye   E&TC Engineering Smart Reader For Visually Impaired.
16 18TEC000580 Prof. S S Salvekar  E&TC Engineering 2.4GHz Transceiver Antenna Design for Drone Remote control module.
17 18TEC000294 Prof. K S Jetha  Information Technology Dental disintegration and caries estimation from panoramic  X- ray images using statistical data.
18 18TEC000378 Prof. D P Joshi  Information Technology Application of  lo T for Smart & efficient Garbage Collection system for Pune city and surroundings.
19 18TEC000363 Prof. R B Diwate  Information Technology Digitalization of paper work for Private/Government Sectors based on NFC device.
20 18TEC000579 Prof. D P Rankhambe Information Technology Energy Efficient Green Scheduler in Hadoop.
21 18TEC000361 Prof. K B Badjugar  Information Technology lo T Based Security Prototype against LPG Gas Leakage.
22 18TEC000162 Prof. R S Lavhe  Information Technology Understanding Autonomous Drone Maneuverability for android Applications.
23 18TEC000459 Prof. Kokane S R  Information Technology Design and implementation for human healthcare of hospitalized patients based on human centric lighting approach
24 18TEC000653 Dr. K H Munde  Mechanical Engineering  Machinery component failure diagnostics and dynamic life prediction by signal acquisition of primary operational parameters and secondary monitoring parameters on bearings.
25 18TEC001095 Prof. C E Kolambe Mechanical Engineering  Design and development of Sprinkling Nozzle in Drones.
26 18TEC000675 Prof. N A Jadhav Mechanical Engineering  An investigation into material optimization for Drones.
27 18TEC001041 Prof. V K Mehtre Mechanical Engineering  Design of Solar Still Using Phase Change Material As Storage Medium With An Enhancement of Efficiency of Water Purification. 
28 18TEC000312 Prof. S V Raut Mechanical Engineering  Influence of copper filled Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene  Composite’s on Mechanical   Injection Moulding and FDM Processes.  
29 18TEC000097 Dr. S B Selukar Engineering Science Study On Role of iconic liquids in improving electrical properties of polymer nanocomposites for electronics application
30 18TEC000225 Dr. R Kenvat  Engineering Science  Some fixed points  problems in different spaces and their possible applications.
31 18TEC001087 Prof. M V Jagtap  Engineering Science Oxide Thin films as a gate dielectric for field effect transistor