Dr. Kashinath H. Munde

Research Coordinator
Qualification: M. E. (Design Engg),
Ph.D (Engg.)

Institute Experience  :-  14 Years

Mail-ID: kashinath.munde@abmspcoerpune.org

Contact No:- 9890821782

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Patent Publications of Faculties and Students

Sr.No Name of Students Title of Patent Patent Number Publication Date
1 Prof. S. S. Jagtap Digital system for counting of pressure cooker whistles to avoid overheating and burning of food 2801821006123 A 13/04/2018
2 Prof. Sagar Gawande Extraction Bio Fuel from kigelia Africana 201821006591 23/02/2018
3 Prof. S. M Gawande  Bio-oil Extration from Fruit the Kagelia Africana 201821007068 26/02/2018
Ms. G S Desai
4 Kiran Girase Bio-Metric E-System for cashless ticketing, Mainteance of transit records in bus transpotation 201721046437 5/1/2018
Aniket Hadke
Pratamesh Bhosale
Prof. Ashish Pawar
5 Prof. Sagar Gawande Self Sufficient Tree Guard for Systematic water Supplies 201721000498 26/5/2017
Dr. S B Thakare
6 1. Akash C. Sagari Design and Development of unmanned aerial vehicle 201721005842 24/03/2017
2. Susmit  Deshpande 
3. Amit P. Padwalkar
4. Pratik S. Mundada
5. Rajas V. Wadekar
7 1. Amit P. Padwalkar Automatic Sensor and Buzzer Alarm system provisions to weighing machine 201721005799 24/03/2017
2. Akash S. Jadhav
3. Sayali S. Mohite
4. Chetan D. Gurav
5. Yamini J. Tupe
6. Shraddha S. Akolkar
8 Prof. S M Gawande Production of Powered Activated Carbon-PAC from Water Hyacinth (EichhorniaCiassipes)-WHPAC 201721009041 16/03/2017
Ms. N S Belwalkar
Ms. A A Mane
9 1. Amit P. Padwalkar Improvement in the design of the switch buttons to avoid the maintained gap between the frame and the button to avoid hazards. 201621043405 31/12/2016
2. Pratik S. Mundada
10 Mr. A K Gaikwad  Ready Mix Concrete Un-interrupted Dispatching Schedule  100/MUM/2015 12/1/2015
Dr. S B Thakare