NPTEL Awareness E-workshop

As you are aware, enrolment to NPTEL Courses the Jan-Apr 2021 semester is ongoing. We want to connect with faculty and students across cities and tell them about NPTEL and all our latest initiatives. In this context, NPTEL plans to have the following 2 types of awareness e-workshops from Jan 2021 onwards, where we will be focusing on specific topics as shown below.

- Faculty oriented

- Student oriented
Faculty Oriented workshop - We will be talking about:
- NPTEL Online certification courses
- the concept of Local Chapters as a way to partner with NPTEL
- Domain Certification
- how faculty can help students choose the right courses
- Mentoring etc..
Student Oriented Workshop - We will be talking about:
- which courses are available for students to choose from
- combination of courses that they can try
- Job oriented courses
- Soft skills workshops
- Domain Certification
- NPTEL Stars
- Lecture Series for learners

- Lab workshops, etc.

During these workshops, a few senior SPOCs and topper students will be talking about their experiences in regional languages.

Timings : 10 am - 12:30 pm





Faculty oriented workshop

Student oriented workshop

Jan 18




E- certificates will be given to those who participate in the e-workshop and fill the feedback form which will be made available during each day's workshop.


NPTEL Awareness Online Workshop - Monday (Maharashtra) for faculty  Click More...
NPTEL Awareness Online Workshop - Monday (Maharashtra) for students  Click More...
SPOC (Single Person of Contact)    
Prof. Shailesh S. Hajare   Read More...    
Prof. Sagar M. Gawande