Sr. No. Name of Student  Title of the project
1 Vibhute a. Non-Destructive assessment & evaluation of multi-storied RCC framed structure
Nirokhekar J.
Vanjare K.
2 Ghogare S. Design & development of laboratory  pullout test apparatus & evaluation of pullout strength 
Kadam M.
Tare S.
Wadekar p.
3 Kazi S. Study and design of green building  & implementation of it for existing building
Dhepe m.
Bagal S.
4 Bagul h. Seismic earth pressure behind retaining wall using redistribution principle
Gade s.
Nanvare N.
Warke V.
Nazare P.
5 Badade a. Design And Implementation Of Water Conservation System For Southern West Parvati Terrain Of Pune
Katake P.
Wadkar T.
Diwate s.
6 Mule S. Landslide investigation in Bhor tehsil : A case study of mahadewadi
Pawar S.
Tamboli J.
7 Thombre D. Performance analysis of bituminous concrete using waste plastic as  modifier
Jadhavrao Y.
Jadhav R.
8 Khan A. Design of sewage treatment plant for Shahu college campus
Khan Sahil
Shah K.
Bhutkar S.
9 BansodeS. Performance and cost analysis of pervious concrete
Pevekar S.
Ghogare B.
10 Sontakke K. Study and design of  Ultra thin white topping with replacement of natural sand by crush sand
Bhasar A.
Gade v.
11 Korake S. Mechanical properties of concrete using waste  foundry sand and steel fiber
Ingale R.
Bamagode k.
Bhasme o.