Sr.No. Name Of Research Scholar Title Of Research Project
1 Chavan Priyanka Bhimrao Result Analysis Of Preparation Of Activated Carbon From Coconut Shell
2 More Chetan Gajanan Analytical Study Of Municipal Solid Waste Anisotropy And Its Application At Phursungi Dumping Yard In Pune Region
3 Jamdade Ashwini Balvant Analytical Study Of Accumulation Of Heavy Metals In Pavana River Of Section Chinchwad To Ravet And Its Potential Effects On Aqua Culture And Environment
4 Kendre Lakhanpal Shridhar Study And Experimental Evaluation Of Physico-Chemical Characteristics Of Water Of River Pavana Through The Section Flowing Between Bopodi To Pimpri Area
5 Lakade Shubhangi Ambadas Review On Growth Of Water Hyacinth And It’s Contribution In Climate Change Around Pune City
6 Mane Anuja Ashok Experimental Study Of Activated Carbon Derived From Dried Water Hyacinth And Its Performance In Phosphate Removal From Wastewater
7 More Rajkumar Pandurang A Study On Recycling Of Centralized Kitchen Wastewater For Urban Irrigation
8 Belwalkar Niharika Suresh Experimental Study And Analysis Of Mass Transfer Phenomenon In Adsorption Process During Application Of Pac
9 Pawar Uday Vilas Ambient Air Monitoring Of Particulate Matter And Chemical Characterization Of Lead (Pb) At Katraj Junction Of Pune - Satara And Pune-Mumbai Road Way, Maharashtra,India
10 Pilgonde Ashok Iranna A Study Of Sequencing Batch Reactor Efficiency To Treat Centralized Kitchen Wastewater
11 Shelar Ramesh Vamanrao Study Of Overbridge Construction On Katraj Padmavati Road And Its Evaluation For Effects On Air Quality
12 Shinde Rajaram Bhiva Study And Analysis Of Odour Within Kurkumbh Indutrsial Area Of Daund Region Of Pune District
13 Chougule Sandeep Babaso Experimental Study Of Greywater By Using In-Pipe Filtration System In Talegaon Area
14 Ghadge Aparna Balasaheb Experimental Analysis For Removal Of Hardness From Brine Water  By Cheapest Method
15 Chittora Shilpa Madanmohan An Experimental Study Of Removal Of Lead (Heavy Metal) From Industrial Waste Water With Low Cost Adsorbents
16 Gaikwad Nilesh Nanaso Treatment Of Sulphate Removal In Industrial Wastewater With Hydrated Lime, Activated Charcoal Prepared From Sugarcane Waste, Alum & Aloe Vera
17 Padmashree Kailasrao Harne Practices  Provided For Municipal Solid Waste Management For The Pune City
18 Prajakta Uday Potdar Study On Domestic Waste Optimization & Energy Conversion Through Application Of Plasma
19 Ravindra Bhausaheb Khose Post Treatment To Biomethanated Distillery Spent Wash By Using Chitosan Powder & Chitosan Granules
20 Rutuja Ruturaj Kakad Design And Experimental Study Of Waste Management System For Malpani Group Of Tobacco Industry
21 Ranjitsihng Pandurang Gaikwad An Assessment Of Suitability Of Water Hyacinth For Phytoremediation Treatment On Waste Water