Sr.No. Name Of Research Scholar Title Of Research Project
1 Kadlag Chetankumar Sukadeo Experimental Evaluation Of Modified Photo Voltaic Method (Mpvm) Of Desalination System For Water Treatment
2 Pawar Komal Dilip Experimental Parametric Study Of Biodiesel To Develop Economic Zero Effluent Discharge For Diesel System
3 Meena Vishwanath Sanas Experimental Study Of Flyash & Its Utilization In Wastewater Treatment
4 Kulkarni Mugdha Kodand Study Of Sustainable And Economic Disposal Of Paint Waste Residues
5 Pawar Tejaswinee Anil Study Of Role And Performance Of Natural Coagulant (Aloe Vera Juice) In Coagulation And Flocculation Process With Partial Replacement Of Alum For Drinking Water Treatment
6 Samarth Prachi Prakashrao Experimental Study And Model Development For Hybrid Water Disinfection System
7 Narayane Prashant Ramakant Study Of Physico-Chemical Properties Of Water In Krishna River At Wai Region Of Maharashtra
8 Prasad Rajnikant Bijendra A Comparative Study Of Domestic Wastewater Treatment By Naturally Aerated And Artifically Aerated Constructed Wetland
9 Shinde Ruchira Kisan Experimental Study Of Eutrophication And Quality Status Of Kharegaon Lake
10 Rupanawar Shital Gorakh Study Of Water Pollutants From Dumping Leachate By Using Chitosan And Water Hyacinth In Urali-Devachi
11 Phadatare Sneha Shankar Study Of Seasonal Variation In Water Quality Parameters And Development Of Water Quality Index In Kalgaon And Belwadi Region Of Karad Of Satara District
12 Khatri Kartik Virchandra Assessment And Management Of Biomedical Waste In Baramati City
13 Gujar Yugandhara Dinesh Utilization And Minimization Of Hazardous Solid Waste Through Production Of Fuel Pellets
14 Pawar Vrushali Mahadeo Experimental Study And Application Of Fenton Process For Wastewater From Paper Industry
15 Mahajan Yogesh Vijayrao Combined Accumulation Within Sewer System And Flood Indentification
16 Patil Anuradha Manikrao Conceptual Studies And Perspectives Of Smart City Concept